Tea of the Month Club

Explore with us the world of tea in the comfort of your own home by joining our Tea of the Month Club. Ours is a perpetual journey of discovery of the art of tea. Our Certified Tea Master will be your guide on the quest for the perfect cup of tea. Every month she will select one tea that will represent the best of the season's offerings to be delivered to your doorstep. Each tea will be accompanied by a profile describing its history and unique characteristics as well as her recommended preparation method. By the end of the year you will have savored some of the finest teas available and will have experienced a wide variety of the treasues of tea. So, give yourself or your loved one the gift of tea throughout the year by joining our Tea of the Month Club. We have three wonderful journies to offer you.

Seasonal Visit

Six Month Visit

Year Long Journey

With the Seasonal Visit every three months you will receive a specially selected tea representing the finest of that season's offerings. The Six Month Trip will provide you with an exquisite tea from our vast selection every other month. Finally, the Year Long Journey will astound you with an exceptional new tea every month. Each of our three memberships will include a free gift as well as a percentage discount towards all purchases of tea or teaware for the entire year.