Ginger has no boundaries. It can be found in Western as well as Asian traditions from culinary to medical. It is extraordinarily effective in treating nausea caused by motion sickness, morning sickness, postoperative and chemotherapy induced. It is an exceptional digestive aid. It helps with the absorbtion of food and the elimination of gas and bloating. Ginger also stimulates circulation of the blood.

Primary traditional uses of Schisandra include the treatment of nervous conditions, coughs, and liver conditions. Laboratory experiments and clinical experience suggests that Schisandra may help to improve brain efficiency, increase work capacity, and build strength...Schisandra is believed to have an adaptongenic function, increases non-resistant immune response, reduces tiredness and sleeplessness, and may help enhance vision.

Licorice Root is one of the most widely used medicinal herb in the world today and it is the single most used herb in Chinese medicine. Today it is primarily used to treat coughs and colds and historically it has been used alleviate thirst and hunger and to improve stamina.

Add to this incredibly healthy concoction the equally healthy attributes of rose hips, orange and tangerine, and you have one heck of a winning combination!