Fine winter Phoenix oolongs have always been prized for their unforgettable natural bouquet fragrances. To Tea Master Leo Kwan, an aroma of a premium tea has to be coupled with a winning taste profile. It has taken Master Kwan over a decade to fine tune the mastery of the processing of the choicest harvest to attain a result he can be proud of. The result is his very own Snow Orchid, the roundest, smoothest, and by far the most seductively fragrant oolong ever known. It was unusually warm this year, breaking the record as the warmest November in history in the Phoenix Mountains. For the best quality Snow Orchid the weather has to be cool enough at harvest. So they waited longer than usual in hopes that it would cool off before it was too late. A sudden drop in temperature at just the right time was heaven sent!  It is our privilege to have acquired the last kilo of this incredible, rare, limited production tea.

Our 2015 winter harvest Snow Orchid Dancong Oolong has an intoxicating, sweet, full-bodied bouquet with a rich, creamy undertone. Its velvety, sweet, bright infusion is carried by a buttery smooth body  with tangy  bites of tangerine peels and slight accents of pears and apples. It leaves a refreshing, lingering clean aftertaste of mouth-watering sweetness on the pallet and the seductive bouquet is always there, even in the aftertaste.  The bouquet of a properly produced xuepian lanhua xiang Fenghuang Dancong maybe strong or subtle, but it is always clean, conveying a strong sense of purity.