Shizu-7132 is an unregistered cultivar developed from Yabukita seeds in1967 at the Shizouka Prefecture Research Center. It has become very popular in mountainous regions due to its resistance to frost. This exceptional cultivar also has a high concentration of coumarin which results in its characteristic sweet aroma that is reminiscent of a Japanese confection called sakura-mochi made with pickled cherry leaves. The long, thin, glossy needles are a deep green color, reflecting a sencha of great refinement. The infused leaf is highly aromatic as well evoking once again the sweet fragrance of sakura-mochi. That, combined with a subtle umami flavor, results in a delicious, sweet lingering aftertaste. The liquor itself is a beautiful light green and very pure. Shizu-7132 has virtually no astringency and absolutely no bitterness but does have a well-rounded body and silky mouthfeel. Shizu-7132 can be infused multiple times with only a slight loss of sweetness and umami. I myself have successfully infused this tea up to 4 times. I have heard that this tea is also good prepared with cold water, although I haven’t tried that yet.