Unlike most single estate loose leaf teas, Natural Tea is produced and shipped in an un-graded state. As such a typical Natural Tea is comprised of every grade normally produced by the Estate. This might range from the intense, robust Dust grades right up to the more mildly flavored Pekoe grades. The subsequent blending of leaf character, all from one Estate origin, produces a cup that is rich, exceptionally rounded and tasteful.

Natural Teas are grown on Estates that use no herbicides or pesticides. Satemwa Estate is certified Fair Trade and is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance and the Ethical Tea Partnership.

As with the other tea producing countries of Africa, black tea has long been the mainstay of Satemwa’s production primarily in the CTC style and they have recently enhanced this with the introduction of orthodox tea. They produce a full range of styles from OPA whole leaf types to TSFBOP1's. These teas are finding a  following amongst discerning palates around the world. As with all their teas, they make these blacks from different varieties that have different characteristics. Some of these characteristics complement each others in blends, whilst others, like a fine wine, stand out to be appreciated on their own! 

Satemwa Estate is fair trade certified. It is also certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership and the Rainforest Alliance.