To experience its full tantalizing taste profile, steep the leaves in a well pre-heated high density Yixing pot between 6 ~7 oz at 165~176°C at 3 g of leaves to 6.75-oz of water for 5 minutes. Increase to 2g to 3.35-oz ratio when you prefer a stronger taste.

Yixing Teapot Method


Water Temperature:  168-175 degrees
Water Quality:  Best with Spring Water with low mineral content
Amount of Leaf (per 6.75 fl oz water):  1 rounded tsp. (3 grams)
Steep Time:  5 minutes
Number of Infusions: 3

 The best way to actualize the taste profile of this tea is with the use of water from a good but low mineral mountain spring. If a fine yixing pot is unavailable, a well formed porcelain gaiwan or even the taster mug gives satifying results.

This tea can also be infused very lightly too, like most other people do, at 0.5g ~ 1g to each 3.25-oz water for 30 seconds or various duration according to personal preference. Use higher temperature water in this case, such as 195°F.

Lighter/Shorter Method

Water Temperature:  195 degrees
Water Quality:  Best with Spring Water with low mineral content
Amount of Leaf (per 6.75 fl oz water):  1 rounded tsp. (2.5 grams)
Steep Time:  30 seconds to 2 minutes
Number of Infusions: 3

As with all green teas, Dragonwell can be infused at least three times. Increase the time and temperature slightly with each subsequent infusion. Experimenting with your own temperatures and steeping times is encouraged. Cooler temperatures and shorter times yield more mellow, fruity elements, while hotter water and longer times produce more floral and full-bodied complexities. Always use the best-tasting water you can find, and adjust steeping times, quantity of leaves, and water temperature to your personal preferences.

We highly recommend brewing your tea in a teapot or mug with a removable infuser so that you can remove the leaves at the end of the steeping time. Whole leaf teas of this quality need room to unfurl and expand in the water in order to perform their "magic." If you don't have a removable infuser, you can brew the loose leaves directly in the pot. At the end of the steeping time, pour all of the tea into a warm serving pitcher or pot.