At first glance Jin Jun Mei might look like a finer version of golden tippy Yunnan black tea, but it actually has a much more sophisticated taste and aroma profile in the grand Fujian black tea tradition. Slender and with a slight twist Jin Jun Mei is made up of buds only. Similar to several premium white and green teas it requires 50,000 buds to manufacture 500 grams (slightly more than 1 lb.) of this incredible tea. An experienced tea plucker can harvest about 2,000 buds a day, so to make about a pound of this tea requires the full day’s work of 20 pluckers. This is one reason why bud-only teas must be more expensive than other teas.

Since 1998, tea master Leo Kwan has pushed the boundaries of the tea industry beyond traditional buying and selling to provide consultation and specialist training for tea house operators, hoteliers, celebrity chefs (some in Michelin starred restaurants) and tea importers, from Hong Kong to Japan, Switzerland, France, and UK. He has always worked directly with tea producers to obtain the best quality tea at the best price. Most of these producers have been generations of tea planters, processors or fresh leaf gatherers who work in ancient methods deep in the mountains of pristine natural environments--some in virgin forests. Over the years Master Kwan has established a strong and intimate bond with these producers which is why he has exclusive products of exceptional quality rarely found in tea shops. Master Kwan has a deep understanding of every phase of tea production and processing and is passionate in advocating the use of finer teas. Master Kwan is author of the much referenced tea guide and commentary site: