Brewing Instructions

Water Temperature:  Just off the Boil (195--205 degrees)
Water Quality:  Best with Spring Water
Amount of Leaf (per 6 fl oz water):  1 Tbl.(4 grams)
Steep Time:  2-5 minutes
Number of Infusions: 2-3

Steeping for 5~6 minutes at 195 - 203 degrees gives you the full taste profile. However, if you prefer more flowery aroma, use more leaves with shorter infusion time. (I use 4 grams per 6 oz water.) Please note that this is a strong tea, use the 2g to 6oz water ratio ( or less ) for plain drinking. Using the lower 195 degree temperature will produce a smoother, lighter profile with light citrus notes, while 205 degrees will result in a bolder, fuller profile. We highly recommend brewing your tea in a teapot or mug with a removable infuser so that you can remove the leaves at the end of the steeping time. Leaving the tea leaves in the water will result in an over-infused, bitter tea. If you want a stronger cup of tea increase the amount of leaf rather than the steeping time. If you don't have a removable infuser, you can brew the loose leaves directly in the pot. At the end of the steeping time, pour all of the tea into a warm serving pitcher or pot.