Located in the foothills of the Himalayas of northeastern India, Darjeeling is renowned for producing the "Champagne of Black Teas". It is one of the four main tea growing regions in India and, at 6,000 feet, the highest in elevation. Formerly called Sidrabong the Arya Estate (which means “respectable” or “best” in the Indian language) is a relatively small tea garden that was established in the eighteenth century by a group of Buddhist monks, whose original dwelling is preserved on the property to this day. It is fully certified bio-organic and is strongly committed to environmental sustainability. The Estate actually has the distinction of having the first private hydro-power generator in Asia! As a small organic tea garden, Arya’s focus has always been on producing artisan teas of exceptional quality.

Keemun, produced in Anhui Province, China, is often referred to as the Burgundy of teas due to its superb boquet. It is one of the only black teas that ages well and improves over time. Keemun is a relatively new black tea that only dates back to 1875. It soon gained popularity in England, and became the most prominent ingredient of high class English Breakfast tea. Over the years, Keemun Tea continued to take the world by storm. A two-time gold medallist in The World Exposition Fair, the unique aroma is said to rival any of the Darjeelings and Ceylon teas.