Amba Estate Organic Ceylon 2nd Flush Black Tea with Tea Flowers, an all natural tea created by Amba Estate is lovingly hand-crafted using only the finest quality one leaf & bud that is hand-plucked with great care & blended with flowers from the same Camellia sinensis tea plant. It is then processed in small batches entirely by hand. This beautiful whole leaf black tea is brisk & bold, with raisin & malt flavors complemented by the natural mild honey sweetness from the flowers.

Sri Lanka is famous for its brisk but flavorful Ceylon black tea, but this hand-crafted, artisanal black tea from Amba Estate is of unprecedented quality. Much of Sri Lanka's production is commodity, low-quality tea. It is only through carefully-processed specialty teas like these from Amba Estate that the Ceylon profile can be experienced fully.

Amba Estate is an all-natural tea farm in the highland Uva district of Sri Lanka. The estate is nestled in a little valley below Lipton's Seat (site of Sir Thomas Lipton's first tea estate), and is located above the famous Ravan Ella Waterfalls (known as the refuge of the Goddess Sita in the Ramayana). The team is dedicated to creating high-quality, hand-made teas through ethical industry practices and environmental sensitivity. A creative new tea by Amba Estate, blended with flowers from the Camellia sinensis tea plant. This OP1 Black Tea is brisk and bold, with raisin and malt flavors complemented by the natural mild honey sweetness from the flowers.

Amba aims to maintain these ancient fields by using strict organic growing methods, which requires enormous extra effort. They use no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or weed-killers. To maintain and enhance soil fertility, Amba uses their own compost and organic sprays, using green plant material from the Estate's ground and manure from their own herd of ‘rescue cows’. They weed the fields manually, and leave the trimmed leaf material as mulch between the bushes to improve water and nutrient retention. They also plant gliricidia and other nitrogen-fixing plants between the tea, making for very healthy plants.

All of their teas are truly artisanal and are made in small batches by hand. Amba is empowering tea workers beyond the norm in Sri Lanka by teaching them the crucial techniques to make high-quality teas. While most tea workers in Sri Lanka are assigned to one or two tedious tasks and have no stake in the final product, Amba Estates upskills tea workers and gives them long-term, rewarding employment. As a result, the team creates teas of unprecedented quality and creativity.