Our Alishan Jinxuan is a favorite of western consumers. It is classified as a green oolong and has a soft, sweet, creamy bouquet with a light hint of osmanthus flower and anise seed. It has a  velvety texture with a cleansing sensation and an equally soft, sweet body with a floral and yes, milky accent. With its slightly sweet aftertaste those wanting something a little bit sweet will be delighted by this tea’s natural creamy flavor profile.

Alishan Jinxuan is a light Oolong cultivar. Developed in the early 1980s by Prof Wu Zhenduo*, it has a sweet floral aroma and natural milky flavor.  When it first became available to the tea market this "milky flavor" sparked waves of imitation products all of which involved adding flavoring. Jinxuan may be one of the more popular cultivars in Taiwan, but it takes mastery to harvest and process it properly for that natural and slight “milky” accent and all the other finer tea qualities to shine through. Our Alishan Jinxuan is just that: Non-blended first flush superbly produced to the same balance as Prof Wu Zhenduo had originally intended it to be with the same cleansing, soft taste profile that made it famous in the beginning. Nothing added, purely as we have always like our tea to be.

*Prof Wu Zhenduo (1918 ~ 2000) is known in the Taiwan tea trade as the “Father of Taiwan Tea”. He is well known in the rebuilding of TRES — Tea Research and Extension Station — an important support in driving Taiwan’s tea market. He personally developed this Jinxuan cultivar.