Brewing Instructions

Water Temperature: 192-205 degrees
Water Quality: Best with Spring Water
Amount of Leaf (per 3 fl oz water): 3 rounded Tbl. (5 grams)
Steep Time: 20 seconds to 1 minute
Number of Infusions: 10-20

As with all bouquet Phoenix Oolongs, use more leaves and shorter time for maximum enjoyment. This particular selection is especially heightened with near boiling water and shorter time. The 6g to 5 oz.  proportion is great with infusion length ranging from 20 sec to 1 minute, dependent on your preference. If, however, you need to serve it using a bigger pot, follow the 1g to 100 ml water rule (even less if you are using a 24 oz (700 ml) capacity or more) but make sure the pot is very well preheated. Do not infuse for longer than 6 minutes for preservation of the taste profile.

This tea has been cold-stored until shipping. While it is perfectly alright to let it stay in room temperature for a couple of months, its maximum aroma and taste profile decrease upon extended shelving in room temperature. If you do not plan to consume the pack soon, it is better to store it in the fridge, sealed and better yet in a ziploc bag. To return the leaves to room temperature, take the pack out at least 2 hours before opening. This is key to subsequent storage and maximum infusion results.