It all starts in 17th Century Italy with the discovery of a particularly fragrant type of Orange Blossom.  After a botanist made the discovery, he decided to name the flower Neroli bigarade after Princess Nerola, the daughter of the ruler of the town where it was found.  The princess was delighted and took to wearing a perfume created from the delicate white petals of the blossom. Some legends claim that the Princess and the botanist fell in love and were married, but as town records were poor this remains unsubstantiated.  Sounds romantic though!  Over the ensuing centuries, the blossoms came to symbolize the Western ideal of love and marriage and their popularity grew, particularly in wedding bouquets.  In Victorian England, Orange blossom bouquets were so popular the flowers were imported from Florida strictly for that purpose.  It was said at the time that the scent of Orange Blossoms could cause anyone to fall in love.