Until very recently I was very much against using a French press for brewing tea. I love it for coffee, but not tea. Why? Because I am adamant about  never allowing tea leaves to stew for long periods of time in the water.  In my experience doing so causes the tea to become bitter. Just pressing the leaves to the bottom of the pot doesn't resolve the problem unless you drink all of the tea right away or decant it into a serving pitcher ............ Duuuuhhh!  I've been preparing tea gongfu style long enough to figure that one out! (It sometimes takes me a while to catch on to the obvious.)

It's really quite simple! Unless you are preparing a particular tea that is not adversely affected by over-steeping, prepare your tea just as you would in any other teapot. I do recommend having a warm serving pitcher or teapot at the ready when using this delightful little press pot. At the allotted time just depress the plunger and pour your tea into your cup. Any leftovers should be poured into your serving pitcher. The beauty of this method--as with any glass teapot--is that you can watch the leaves gracefully unfurl in the water as they magically release their essense