Brewing Instructions


Water Temperature:  185--200 degrees 
Water Quality:  Best with Spring Water
Amount of Leaf (per 6 fl oz water):  1--1.5 Tbl. (2-3 grams)
Steep Time 2-5 minutes
Number of Infusions: 3

Begin by using a 2 g per 6-oz. water at 185°F for at least 5 minutes. Adjust leaf amount reversely with duration and proportionally according to a strength you desire. Use a hotter water for more bite. Infusion duration is proportional to both the thickness of the liquor and the depth of the umami. To lower the slight bitterness that comes with it, try decreasing the infusion temperature or use a Yixing teapot. However that will inevitably lower some of the aromatic qualities. If you are a diehard tea fanatic and enjoy the extra touch of tinkle like I do, a thick enough porcelain small vessel such as a gaiwan. Infusing at 195°F delivers the real gastronomical height of this rare tea.

Yellow tea as a whole is a malleable tea for different taste preferences. Experimenting with your own temperatures and steeping times is encouraged. You simply cannot go wrong with this tea!