From Chiang Rai in the far North of Thailand to Narathiwat in the South, lime bushes feature prominently in most family gardens. The reason? It all comes down to the fine balance of Thai cuisine. In Thailand, every meal features the complete spectrum of flavors - spicy and sweet, sour and tangy, hot and cold. The lime and its leaves with their sweetly balanced profile, have the ability to integrate seamlessly with the full range. Soups, salad rolls, grilled meats, curries, noodles and any dish you can imagine use the pungent and aromatic leaves to add balanced layers of sweetness to the intricate flavors. According to the Thai people, the benefits of consuming lime leaves extend beyond their flavoring abilities. They also believe that natural properties in the leaves make them an excellent digestive aid. What's more, they believe the leaves have the ability to cleanse the mind, erase negativity and ward off evil spirits! (And really, who are we to say that isn't the truth?)