Tea occurs naturally in Assam and commercial production commenced in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam in 1833. The average altitude of the area is approximately 240 feet above sea level, and it is known for its tropical, monsoon rainforest climate with hot humid summers and cold winters which contributes to the rich, malty flavor of Assam tea. While the China jat does not grow here the native assamica variety thrives in the rich clay soil of the Brahmaputra valley. Most of the tea produced in the region is CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) processed. CTC, a method invented specifically for the black tea industry in an effort to save time and money, is used to produce low grade teas and those used primarily in tea bags.

Although Indian law requires that tea estates pay their workers at least the minimum wage and provide and maintain adequate housing, sanitation and safe working conditions, a recent investigation by the BBC has revealed the exact opposite on many of the major tea plantations in Assam. Many are without electricity and potable drinking water. Housing is in a terrible state of disrepair with leaking roofs and unlined and clogged drains and in some cases, cesspits are overflowing into the living areas of people's homes. The average tea worker in Assam earns 115 rupees (approximately US$1.50) a day. The combination of squalid living conditions and low pay can be deadly. Malnutrition among tea workers is rampant. According to the medical director of Assam Medical College, nine out of ten patients from the tea estates in Assam suffer from malnutrition, making them vulnerable to diseases caused by their unhygienic living conditions.

Throughout history tea has played a pivotal role in politics both within and between countries. It has been a catalyst for revolution. Assamica Agro is waging its own silent revolution against the injustices within the tea industry in Assam. Because of their adherence to social equality, they no longer need to exploit workers or use unethical practices to grow tea and make a profit. We commend them for their efforts.