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Our next tea tasting will be:

The Best Teas of 2014 Eventbrite - The Best Teas of 2014

February 24 & 25, 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Voss Inn Bed & Breakfast
319 S. Willson Ave.

At this tasting we will be sampling four of the best teas produced in 2014 by our suppliers around the world.

Arya Pearl Darjeeling White Tea: Arya Pearl is an  incredible tea to say the least! If you have ever wanted to try a Darjeeling white tea, this is the one! This is the first tea that Arya produced this year and despite the adverse growing conditions this last winter--it  still maintains its standing as the "creme de la creme" of all Darjeeling white teas.

Huangshan Maofeng, 2014 Organic Pre-Ming Fuxi Artisan GreenTeaHuangshan Maofeng tea is the most well-known alpine green tea in China. Translated "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak," Huangshan Maofeng tea has been produced in the Anhui province of China for over 400 years.

Arya Diamond 2nd Flush Darjeeling Black TealDiamond is, as the name suggests, the crown jewel of Arya teas, and this 2014 second flush truly outshines all others! To say the aroma of this exquisite tea is intoxicating is an understatement!

Da Hong Pao: (Link coming!) Da Hong Pao is considered to be the best and is the most famous of China's Wuyi Oolong teas. It is so precious that the original six mother bushes are protected by the government and are no longer allowed to be plucked.  The last batch of tea produced by these original bushes in 2006 is now on display at the China National Museum.  Famously expensive, in 2002 20-grams of tea from the original mother trees sold for a record price of 180,000 Yuan (US$28,783.42) at the Guangdong Trade Fair.

If you are interested in a private tasting, please contact Frankee at (406) 581-7842 or by direct email at frankee@athirstfortea.com . She is happy to conduct private tastings either  here at the Voss Inn or at your home or establishment. We require a minimum of four people and the cost is $15 per person at the Voss Inn, $20 per person at a different location.


Previous tastings included the following topics: 
      • Teas of India
      • Teas of Japan
      • Famous Teas of China
      • Teas of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
      • Teas of Africa (including Kenya, Malawi & South Africa
      • Teas of Kenya
      • White Tea
      • Shades of Green Tea
      • The Best of Black Tea
      • Oolong Tea
      • Health Benefits of Tea


Interested but Could Not Attend?--Request a Tasting Package! We'll send you samples of all of the teas we will be tasting accompanied by profiles of each tea and a copy of our Tea Master's notes for that particular session.