Tea Tastings

Explore the World Through Tea!

Our next tea tasting will be:

April 21 & 22, 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Eventbrite - Is Caffeine Your Cup of Tea?

Voss Inn Bed & Breakfast
319 S. Willson Ave.

The cost of this tasting is $20.00.



Is Caffeine Your Cup of Tea:

In this session we will be discussing the caffeine in tea and how to select a tea that is naturally low in caffeine.  Details of the particular teas we will be tasting will be posted soon.



If you are interested in a private tasting, please contact Frankee at (406) 581-7842 or by direct email at frankee@athirstfortea.com . She is happy to conduct private tastings either  here at the Voss Inn or at your home or establishment. We require a minimum of four people and the cost is $15 per person at the Voss Inn, $20 per person at a different location.


Previous tastings included the following topics: 
      • Teas of India
      • Teas of Japan
      • Famous Teas of China
      • Teas of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
      • Teas of Africa (including Kenya, Malawi & South Africa
      • Teas of Kenya
      • White Tea
      • Shades of Green Tea
      • The Best of Black Tea
      • Oolong Tea
      • Health Benefits of Tea


Interested but Could Not Attend?--Request a Tasting Package! We'll send you samples of all of the teas we will be tasting accompanied by profiles of each tea and a copy of our Tea Master's notes for that particular session.