Wild Tree Black Tea was developed from old tea bushes recently discovered on a deserted farm on the hills at the northern tip of Fujian Province, China. Historically this region produced many of the tribunal teas that were prized for centuries by emperors dating back to the Tang Dynasty.

Wild Tree Black Tea has a smooth and pleasant taste profile offering a delicate, sweet floral character without being astringent. This is possible only by masterfully processing the first flush of this secret tea bush. The soft, fresh, floral aroma has accents of leaf herbs with tones of honey and ripened fruits. The bright yet smooth infusion has a delicate fruity sweetness evoking soft bites of plum peel accented with hints of fresh herbs. The malty sweet aftertaste lingers on the palate long after the tea is finished. 

Wild Tree Black Tea is a very adaptable black tea for infusing either conventionally or using the gongfu approach. Follow proper procedures for whichever method you choose infusing at 194°F to extract the optimum taste profile. Having said this, it is extremely tolerant of infusion mistakes, such as forgetting to set your timer and letting it brew there for 20 minutes like I did this morning!