Traditionally, Temomi Shin Cha is steeped highly concentrated to highlight its unique nuances and fresh taste. 

Brewing Instructions

Water Temperature:  100 -- 130 degrees
Water Quality:  Best with Spring Water
Amount of Leaf (per 6 fl oz water):  1 packet (10 grams)
Steep Time:  1-2 minutes
Number of Infusions: 3

  1. Prepare a small tea pot and 3 to 4 shot cups. Ideal size of the pot is 5 oz.
  2. Put the whole packet (10g) of Temomi Shin Cha into the pot.
  3. Prepare about 2.5 oz. of 100 F° (40 C°) water and pour it slowly into the pot. Make sure all leaves are soaked in the water. If leaves are not fully covered, pour extra water just enough to soak all the leaves. (Do not add too much water).
  4. Steeping time is 2 minutes. Do not shake the pot.
  5. After 2 minutes, check and see if the leaves are completely open. If not, please wait an extra minute.
  6. Pour the tea bit by bit evenly into the cups until the last drop. (Note: the last drops have the most delicious and strong flavor.)

    For the second and third infusion, please use hotter water (130 F°) and steep only for about a minute.