In the world of green tea many people find those from India to be too rough and/or astringent while those from Japan can be too “seaweedy.” Our Silver Curls from Zhejiang, China, is neither of these.  It has the characteristics of the archetypical Chinese green tea — soft, fragrant, slightly sweet and refreshing. The soft fresh aroma has a slight hint of smokiness while the refreshing infusion has a light sweet aftertaste. 

Silver Curls has been hand crafted with great care and attention as can be seen at first glance. The abundance of silver tips covered with down is a testament to its freshness and care in handling from the tea garden to your cup. In many tea shops you will find this same quality of tea labelled as Biluochun or some other expensive name and sold at an exorbitant cost. With our Silver Curls we are pleased to offer you the same expensive quality at a fraction of the cost!