International Tea Masters Association

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating a global crisis of unprecedented
magnitude. Shelter-in-place is the latest mandate. Our hope and prayer is that a vaccine will be created very soon to save the lives of those afflicted. The virus is causing major problems for businesses throughout the world, including ours. However, one of the bright spots in our organization structure is our ability to offer on-line tea training courses over the Internet which are available without your traveling to a formal meeting location like a hotel. Our on-line courses can be taken on computer in the safe space of your home or office.

Our international staff of 10 highly skilled and competent certified tea masters stand ready to implement our courses with those with the advanced foresight who register. Best of all, we are offering our on-line tea sommelier and tea master courses from March 23th. Details are available on our website at , choose your Master trainer in the area where you are like Melissa Salazar in San Francisco, CA, Chas Kroll in San Diego, CA, Rocel Leoncio in Philippines, Stijn De Koffieliefhebber in Europe, Frankee Muller in NC, Philip Parda in Madison, CT, Claudia Zarate in Spanish.

Finally, pray for all those people and family affected by this virus.

Claudia Zárate K,
ITMA Executive Director